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Expectations of last semester


That's hello in India. Have you ever been to India? I am planning to go there soon and I am super exciteeed! (If you have been there, let me know where did you go and what did you do).

Oh by the way, Happy new month! I hope this month of August brings great joy to all of you.

Today, I have decided to write some predictions on how I think my last semester would be. I am starting school at the end of this month and will come back to read this at the end of my semester which is in December, and see if my predictions were right or not.

I have 7 classes in total which means, 7 different teachers. According to the reviews, most of my teachers are amazing. I am maybe worried about two of them because they seem to be a little strict but overall I think I got lucky in terms of that so I am very happy.

Of all 7 classes, I know I got a friend in one of them but I have no idea who else is in my class so I am hoping to meet new people. I don't know if i'll make any new friends…
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What do you think?

Annyeonghaseyo, That means hello in Korea. Hey, you just learned something, how great is that? (that's if you didn't know it already). I am actually planning on greeting you guys in various languages and learn some myself because this is fun.

I feel like writing your first post after the "welcome to my blog post" is much more stressing but here we are. So, since college isn't starting for another month, I can't post any notes yet. However, I am currently in my last semester and I have learned a lot of interesting things during these past few years in college which I would love to share with you guys.

Last semester, I had one course called "Humanities" and I remember there was this one class where the teacher asked a few interesting questions.

I remember 2 questions that got me into deep thinking.

1) Is lying a bad thing in every situation?

What if you are lying because you don't want to hurt someone?
What if you lie to surprise someone later?



Welcome to my blog! This is my very first post on this blog and I am super excited to share great things with you guys. That Studious Student will mainly have posts related to a student's life such as class notes, pictures of nice stationary, things that I learn and find interesting but is not limited to.

Oh and I just wanted to tell you guys that this is not your average college/university student blog where there will be a focus on one specific subject. I know a lot of you guys expect this because of the name of my blog but it's actually not what you think. I believe that learning can happen beyond the four walls of a classroom and so even though there will be notes and material from various classes, this blog will surprise you with great thoughts.

I thank each one of you for reading this and I hope to have you back on this blog sometimes.
Adios Amigos!